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The mission that was built there by the Spanish settlers became the Alamo.

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It’s in the South, but with strong tastes from the Southwest, too. When Europeans first arrived, Spain quickly laid claim to the area.

Chances are, with a few hundred members, someone else in the group is bound to like the same things you do. Without the leadership team we wouldn't have a calendar at all.But lately, we've been doing some more interesting and socially valuable events, such as the current theme of visiting important parts of San Antonio's infrastructure and business community (Lighthouse for the Blind, the Toyota plant, etc.).I am truly pleased by this development, and it is something that has escaped us for most of these 4 years.The landscape in Texas ranges from swamps to deserts, changing as you move from east to west.Even though many people still picture the desert when thinking about Texas, the site is so large that barely a tenth of the state is actually that sandy and dry.

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