Gym class heroes dating

Shot while Neon and GCH were on tour in Europe, a fiery redhaired Neon Hitch plays Travie Mc Coy's love interest as she cries: "I don't know where you're going/Or when you're coming home.../I don't know where you're going/Get your ass back home." In his own words, Travie explained to Ryan Seacrest, who premiered the video yesterday: "'Ass Back Home' is all about trying to keep a relationship going while we're all out on the road all the time.The song was actually inspired by Matt's [Gym Class Heroes' drummer] relationship with his girlfriend and realizing why he is so zen on the road." OK, sure, maybe saying "Get your ass back home" isn't the way to beg your significant other to come back to you, but it's a blunt and direct approach that we completely appreciate. Stereo Hearts Amazing song, though Adam Levine was the one who brought life to it."My heart's a stereo, It beats for you so listen close. " It's a good song to go with when you're hanging out with friends. I ain't never getting worn out when listening to song-that's a dead cert! Travie Mc Coy says fans will hear "a lot of growth" on his second solo album, which the Gym Class Heroes frontman plans to release in 2014."Anyone knows from the past, from Gym Class Heroes or (2010's) , that I've always given zero F about catering to one genre or one particular audience," Mc Coy tells Billboard.My heart's a stereo It beats for you, so listen close Hear my thoughts in every note Make me your radio And turn me up when you feel low This melody was meant for you Just sing along to my stereo If I was just another dusty record on the shelf Would you blow me off and play me like everybody else?

Would you turn my volume up in front of the cops And crank it higher everytime they told you to stop?

Basically the song is about never quitting This is the best song I have ever heard from them. It just gives me goosebumps every time I listen to this song.

"Every time you fall it's only making your chin strong" or "There's no reason you should ever have your head down".

Put yourself in my situation Try to be humble, you won’t refrain from getting pissed When you look down to see you’re fallin’ right through time’s abyss And start to see visions Memories you really miss, simple things, like; Your first birthday wish Your first girlfriend Your first love Your first French kiss Your first time feeling hate The first time you got dissed Your first day of school Your very first college class Your first time touchin’ titties First time you got ass Your first time learnin’ wrong from right First lonely night The first time you got your ass whooped in Your first real fight Your first triple-double dare Your first pubic hair Your first time watchin’ Jason Your first nightmare That’s when you realize that time was your worst nightmare And now you’re stuck asking yourself ‘Why ain’t life fair?

' You get closer to the bottom, see the end of your line Your first time ever losin’ this battle with time But right before you meet your death, one more memory left The only one that’s obsolete was your first breath (3x) [Hook] One moon to the next Clocks switch when you least expect it and make the simplest shit complex The baby face got the planet fooled Books get judged by the covers worldwide, coincide with the illest The real is just fictional dreams No time to deal with two dimensional fiends, shit hit’s the fan with every click of a hand I’ll be a man eventually When the kid in me is satisfied But ‘til the day arrives all I got is eighty-five [Verse 2] A clock can kill motivation That’s why I’m never rockin’ a watch What’s a deadline when you’re living on your own time?

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