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BTW, I was totally confused by how this guy even came to have 32 phone numbers because I am a Paranoid Old.I give out my actual phone number to a guy unless we have an actual date scheduled and it is the day of the date, and even then, I do so totally reluctantly and only to spare either of us embarrassment in case of an emergency cancellation. Please try to contain your excitement, as there have already been several deaths reported as a result of people rushing TOO QUICKLY to buy the book. It’s been a labor of love for the last 3 years, so every dollar spent on the book makes a big difference!!! “The Sex Crier”, “The Girl Who Humiliated Me on National TV”, even “The Girl Who Caught on Fire.” Also, great advice pieces, like “How To Break Up with Your Internet Date” and “The Greatest Date Conversation Starter Ever.” If you’ve been reading the site, it would make me so wonderfully happy if you’d buy the book.

Observe, the beginning: Yup, what started with a generic "Hey gorgeous" text that I definitely would have ignored anyway added extra insult to injury when it turned out that Joshua hadn't just copied and pasted the same message to other girls; he'd literally put them all on one mass text, to which they could replay all and share their amused disdain.Every person has to resist the temptation to pad their profile with little white lies.There’s an old joke about the math you must do when you think you’ve met the perfect man online: “Subtract three inches from his height, double his weight, halve his income, and add a decade to his age.” Make sure the joke isn’t on you, and always take everything you read on a dating site profile with a grain of salt.Okay, obviously not everyone on the internet is a spambot, serial killer, or lady-of-the-evening.But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your wits about you. For example, you should always be careful about giving out your personal information.

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