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His corner of the Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine, Gorges, is particularly known for this rock, and all of Michel’s vines are planted in it. In his mind, ­the longer they stay there, the better.

The unexpected freshness and depth of these older wines has silenced many a skeptic.

Gourav Rakshit, chief executive of said in an email interaction with Techcircle.

He added that the firm’s strategy is to experiment in the dating space to create a unique India-centric dating product.

A free dating app for hot single Indian girls, Indian guys to find out how attractive they are and match with people as hot as them. Added Bonus: See who you’re winning and losing against. Frivil shows you 2 good looking people at once, and you have got to make the tough choice of tapping the one you find more attractive.

Code Yeti helped Frivil in building its first prototype version of i OS application. While you do this, your profile goes through Frivil face off, getting tapped (or not). To put it simply, this mobile application helps you find dates that are as hot and smart as you are.

On March 28 and March 30, Neodent celebrated it’s launch in Canada with events in Burlington, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario. Alex Molinari presented compelling statistics and data relating to the Neodent portfolio dating back to the companies inception in 1993.

Will it mainly exist in rational and controlled settings? I told everyone that it was a social experiment right from the start, because I wanted to find someone who was equally curious and serious about this experiment. Everything could happen in this week as long as it happened when it happened - but nothing had to.

The experiment In order to find someone to date for a week, I set this handwritten advertisement as my profile picture. After two days I found someone who was interested and we met for coffee the same afternoon. Naturally, this lead to a very emotionally intense week.

The project was presented in the form of an interview between two talking screens.

How would the course of our relationship change knowing that it only lasts for a week no matter what?

Or is this all about consuming a prepackaged romantic relationship? An extended one-night-stand plus calibrated temporary commitment?

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