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Replying to a text message takes about three seconds.

is quickly becoming the singles hot spot with individuals around the world looking to meet someone new.

Then we move on to the Unicode support in XML and Java* language.

Finally, we talk about the Globalization concepts (Internationalization, Localization, and Translation) in general, as well as how they apply to Java.

Then we clear the myths around ASCII, and move to Unicode.

We will see what Unicode is, what Unicode is not, its architecture, and the three popular encoding schemes provided by Unicode – UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32.

You probably already know this is true because you do the same thing.

🙂Of course, if the online dating picture itself is unflattering, most singles will pass by the profile as well.

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The reason why you and thousands of other men and women join an online dating site is because you want to meet a partner.Unless you tell a woman what you are looking for without beating around the bush, they won’t respect you, let alone date you.When I read the advice that you should give a woman a lot of time to reply, I thought back to all the hours that I wasted waiting for replies that never came.Even though online dating is a fun and easy way to get to know beautiful women from all over the world, it can also be a big waste of time, money, and brain cells.That’s why you need to know what really works…​Have a look at the three “tips” that I shared with you a couple of lines above.

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